The Kids Favourite Party Entertainers!


Amazing Kids Magic for ages 4-7

We run the magic to the Entertainer or FUN Disco for a cost of £25 extra, the magic lasts for around 20 minutes and will be included in your pre-booked entertainment time. This magic is suitable for ages 4-7. We run the magic at the start of the party as guests arrive & in-between games.

Example magic tricks:

Magic colouring book
Breaking wand
Making things disappear and reappear
Finger chopper trick
Magic rope trick
Rubber duck trick
Flower trick
Magic Thumb Lights...
+ More

A magician only booking will feature many more tricks and magicians props.


£25.00 (with a disco),
Deposit: £15.00*

Info/Sales: 020 3291 3036

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